Please join our monthly POLY-MVA Education Program Thursday, March 18th, 2021,  at 3:30 pm PST for a unique opportunity to learn from Dr. Jayne DuBois.

Dr. Jayne DuBois graduated from Bastyr University in 2018, with advanced training in constitutional homeopathy and IV therapy. She spent her first year of practice as a primary care physician in a partial hospital psychiatric treatment center featuring dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), the only known treatment of borderline personality disorder. Her areas of focus were substance abuse and eating disorders that co-occur with a variety of psychiatric conditions (otherwise known as dual diagnosis). This followed by a fellowship at Advanced Medical Therapies under the mentor-ship of Dr. Paul Anderson.

Dr. Jayne is currently practicing at Full Circle Natural Medicine in Seattle. Her focus includes a Naturopathic approach to primary care.                                                                      She also specializes in craniosacral therapy and clinical hypnotherapy.

You can learn more about Dr. Jayne and where she practices at the link below!

Learn more about Dr. Jayne at her WEBSITE


We look forward to seeing you for an exciting hour of learning to support your health and wellness.