Information packet

The Breakthrough booklet contains an              excellent overview of Poly-MVA, Dr. Garnett,         the formulation as well as dose information, FAQs and more.


All our Pets need nutritional support, just like we do. As we age our ability to repair and support our bodies declines and mitochondrial support and repair is key to staying happy and healthy.

The Complete Approach discusses the role integrative supplements can play  when paired with Poly-MVA, in providing optimum health and superior daily support for you cells and your whole body systems.

Read about Dr. Greg Ogilvey experience and ongoing use and support with Poly-MVA for pets and how it helps his animals and supports his clinic.

The Poly-MVA pamphlet is a simple and excellent starter publication for those looking for a quick read on what the supplement offers.


This Poly-MVA for Pets pamphlet can help to understand nutritional support for our pets going thru cancer and you might support their health from a metabolic perspective and all this supplement can support.


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