B Vitamins:
The Complete Picture

What we ought to know:

There are multiple types of B vitamins, the most common forms are– B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Folate, and Biotin. These 8 B-vitamins are often combined and sold as a “B-Complex”.

Before using them, we should know some B-Vitamin basics:

The Upside:
B vitamins are used by every cell in your body every second of the day and night.* They help your body break down carbohydrates for energy, and break down fats and proteins for nervous system function and muscle tone.*1

The downside:
Your body cannot store B vitamins and they are quickly used up and most excess is then removed by the kidneys through urination.
If we do not have a proper diet and/or supplementation, then we will become immediately deficient in as little as one day.
Various things that deplete/use up/destroy B vitamins are:
• Stress
• Caffeine
• Medications
• Excessive heat and overcooking foods
• Alcohol
• Highly processed foods
• Farming foods from depleted soils2,3

The Unknown side:

Many of the B vitamin supplements contain “inactive” forms of the 8 different B vitamins. What this means is that the body, primarily the liver needs to convert them before they can be utilized in our bodies. The liver is one of our busiest organs of our body and if it is not done then this can lead to most of those B Vitamins being lost through urination. Literally just wasting them down the drain with little or no benefit to our health. .

The Solution:
Take your supplement 3 times per day at each meal is ideal. The next step is to use quality supplements like those in Poly-MVA. Poly is formulated and complexed like no other supplement in the world. It is truly a Nutraceutical to provide our body and especially our Mighty Mitochondria the B vitamin benefits necessary for Optimum Health, without the drawbacks of lack of absorption……………
Poly-MVA and LAMC family of complexes has the only complexed version of B1, B2 and B12 in the world. These forms last over 8 hours and support every cell of the body. Not only protecting our cells with the unique version of LAMC while upregulating Energy production from our Mitochondria.
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