Yael Pardess

“My pet, Noki, and I found Dr. Richard Palmquist in 2011. He started Noki on a natural approach that could detoxify her body and try to strengthen her immune system. Immediately after that, in January 2012, upon Dr. Palmquist’s recommendation we started using Poly-MVA for Pets. My dog likes the product, which is a good thing – she takes it with her favorite food and finishes the dish immediately. I am not sure what effects the Poly-MVA has had on my dog; she has a good energy and appetite, and is in generally good health for her 14 1/2 years! I like very much the care, attention and support that AMARC Enterprises provides. I think it is wonderful to know that companies continue to develop integrative healthy options for support that will not harm or have dangerous side effects for our beloved pets and ourselves.”

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