Wj Pearlmutter

Plain and simple, Poly-MVA changed my life and let me pursue my dreams. After over 33 years of active and reserve service with the United States Navy, I retired at the rank of Captain which is equivalent of a full bird colonel in the Army or Air Force and one rank below Admiral or General. For the 33 years, since age 17, the military gave me 100% of all my physical examinations. One year after retirement, I went to my first civilian doctor, Dr, Harold Pepe who prior to my visit requested a complete blood count also known as a CBC. Upon examination of my CBC he said, “I think you may have something but I want to send you to a specialist to be sure.” You have a rare situation and this might ground you from flying. He then told me after confirming with his internist partner, Dr, Michael Falvo, that they were at a conference recently and sat in on a presentation about a product called Poly-MVA, which was essentially immune system vitamins bonded to the unique mineral palladium. Both Drs Pepe and Falvo recommended that I try Poly-MVA. I had been dating a wonderful woman for 7 years as well, and we decided to get married. We were and still are truly in love.!!

Now, for the rest of the story: I called Gary, the Senior Consultant on Poly-MVA at AMARC Enterprises, and he told me they were looking for volunteers to serve as a test group to see if in fact Poly-MVA would work on supporting the body nutritionally. He shared that the Poly-MVA product coupled with liquid co-enzyme Q10 (CQ-10) would be absorbed into my body and support my body so to allow my own immune system. I take Liver Support, Coral Calcium and Immuni-T tablets. To this I personally added fish oil, glucosamine, folic acid in a high dose as recommended by Dr. Falvo, milk thistle and a baby aspirin daily.

I never stopped taking my Poly-MVA therapy and in Dr. Wierda’s terms, “we don’t know why you have not gotten worse, but I’d keep taking and doing what you are doing.” All I was doing was exercising regularly, eating health foods consisting of lots of vegetables, chicken and fish and of course using Poly-MVA. I feel great and look great at almost 58 years of age, and believe it or not I am a Captain of a large logistic aircraft, Boeing f 757’s and 767-s for a worldwide commercial airline. I report to my  aeromedial doctor who initially told me my airline career was over  and I would not be able to be issued an airman’s medical certificate…but I felt fine!I was physically and mentally able, I had tons of energy, all was normal, I had little to no bone pain and I spent over 1 hour on an elliptical trainer 4 days or more per week at level 15 of 20! I wrote a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Medical Department, along with letters from the doctors. These letters were forwarded to the FAA via my aeromedical doctor, all describing my Poly-MVA and low and behold, a miracle happened and I was granted a waiver allowing me to continue my career. I’m still regularly taking Poly-MVA and as Dr. Wierda said, “keep doing what you are doing.”.

I am living my dream as an Airline Captain, have a great wife and life…….thanks in no small part to Poly-MVA!

I can’t thank the staff of AMARC, the FACR, my doctors, friends and especially my family for all the support and love. I hope to see my 100th birthday as an active and healthy individual who is living and surviving and thriving, in no small part due to this great product. Thanks again!

W.J.  5-15-20  WJ says he is still doing great.

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