Walter Davis

“I have had concerns since 2007. My doctors did not show up for my preop and I really lost confidence in them. I began to seek alternative options for my health like colon hydrotherapy, sono-foto therapy, infra-red, diet change, sonic therapy, and a vitamin regimen including Poly-MVA, milk thistle, and saw palmetto. I cut way back on sugar, flour and red meat. I also went on a detoxing regimen. In three years, I am doing well. I thank you for Poly-MVA. I was afraid that I would lose function, all things considered. That did not happen and Poly-MVA gives me energy and vitality. In fact I have been dating younger women. Other options are so expensive, so the price per bottle is very affordable when you think of it from another perspective. Many of my friends who were going thru many things are either not with us any more or they have significantly reduced quality of life. The staff at AMARC is great. I have asked to feature Poly-MVA on one of my shows. Vivien has been great!”

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