Rosalyn Anderson

Rosalyn Anderson


My husband has used POLY for his health.  Also, I have met many thrivers who have used POLY and have heard their experiences at the Conference each Labor Day weekend in the Los Angeles area. I decided to use POLY myself for two main reasons: first, to support  my immune system and second, to have POLY keep my healthy cells healthy. I felt good and had peace of mind.

I used 2 teaspoons a day and stopped for a short time in August 2019. In September 2019 I was hospitalized for a week with congestive heart failure among other things. Eventually, I started conventional programs until the middle of March, 2020. Now, I am doing great. My blood labs are normal. I am starting back on the maintenance dose of POLY now, for which I am grateful. More than ever I need the support. I had a little more energy. I have stayed healthy and feeling stronger. I take some other vitamins and Juice Plus also.

Poly-MVA helped with Quality of Life, my nutrition, energy levels and less fatigue. It also has great Peace of mind, knowing I had the energy for some fighting assistance.

It has been so great to talk to Gary Matson and have questions answered. He is very knowledgeable, both on the phone and in person. We have developed a wonderful relationship over the years and have visited with him at conferences. Customer service staff have always been cordial and very helpful.

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