In 2002 my dads life changed and we had to do something……We did not know about nutrition or anything like that and we did not just want to sit there and do nothing. Someone had referred us to a clinic that was offering Poly MVA. This was our only choice at this time. My dad was on Poly-MVA for almost a year.

We had a meeting in April of 2002 and before that we had an appointment with Al Sanchez  Sr the day before we were going to get the updates. I will never forget that day. Mr Sanchez looked at me and said “You can come back and tell me how they are going to say all is good”  Sure enough as Mr Sanchez had said she knocked on the door and walked in and said “Raul I have been doing this for years and I have never seen this. You are good!!” He is now 17 years healthy and a grandfather to 9 and a great grandfather to 1. We trust Poly and how this is what supported and changed my dad’s life in our opinion.

Danniha Lizeth Bass

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