Rachel Moreno

“In June 2012, at age 14, Haley was dying in the backseat of my car as I rushed her to the ER. My vet told me her prognosis was slim. But he encouraged me to try. I forged ahead. I wanted to explore all options to help her. After reviewing the options, I decided to pursue an integrative approach. I found fantastic holistic veterinarians which helped create a integrative approach, including Poly-MVA for Pets. I started giving her the supplement (1 tsp, twice daily). Haley did not have any side effects from Poly-MVA for Pets and it contributed to a better quality of life for her. Since it’s a liquid, it is very easy to give; I simply added it to her food. I would definitely recommend Poly-MVA for Pets to others! I appreciated the calls and emails from AMARC to check-in.”

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