Patsy Shea 2013-Present

84 years young

My colon started giving me issues so I initially started using 8 tsps. a day 06/28/2013; then decreased to 4 tsps. 04/18/2014 and now I am using 1 to 2 for maintenance per day. I did not use anything conventional. I just was using PMVA, nothing else.

Poly-MVA increased and maintained my quality of Life, health support and improved my fatigue. I believe that the benefits of using PMVA was that PMVA deterred anything further. It helped to keep my body clean. By taking Poly-MVA it gave me piece of mind. Toni was wonderful in providing the best support possible. She became a very dear friend and I would recommend Poly-MVA. The piece of mind that PMVA gives you is priceless. I still take PMVA today to support my health.

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