Patricia Perone

“In August of 2009, our dog, Jazper, was not doing all that well. I was told I had two options, neither one of which worked for me. I refused to accept that after 9 years of relative good health, out of nowhere, my fuzzy little boy was going to be dead within a matter of months. Our vet, Dr. Herbold, recommended we try Poly-MVA for Pets for energy and nutritional support, so we started him on it immediately. We noticed a difference that night. Jazper had been lethargic and anxious from the dozens of doctor’s appointments and all of the frenetic energy in the house. Within hours of giving him the Poly-MVA, he began playing with his toys and even got “the crazies” at one point. I knew instantly that I made the right decision. I am an herbalist, so I researched additional integrative approaches. Jazper also takes 15 ml of essiac tea twice a day, as well as powdered snake meat with his meal. Something else I would like to share…In October of 2009, Jazper swallowed a corn cob, which resulted in ailments that could possibly kill him. Jazper’s doctors told me that it never occurred to him that he wouldn’t get better and go home. I attribute some of his positive energy to the Poly-MVA. He is easily the most strong and loving soul I know. It’s been 2½ years since his health challenges and 2½ years since he started taking Poly-MVA. He’s had his share of illnesses and is starting to slow down, but I believe that the Poly-MVA has supported him through it all. Even with aeverything, Jazper is still full of life and love. I recommend Poly-MVA for Pets to anyone who will listen, and everyone who has taken my advice has seen similar positive results. I tell people that even though it’s expensive, if you have the means it’s worth it. I truly believe it’s helped increase Jazper’s quantity and quality of life.”

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