Neal Vallins

Neal Vallins 68


04/18/2018 started and used 6 TEASPOONS DAILY and still do.

I attribute my success to taking the POLY-MVA and its long-term benefits.

I used many things at various times like DMSO GRAVILOA TUMERIC, ONKOBEL-PRO, however the game changer was and still is Poly-MVA. As a mitochondrial driver for metabolism and healthy/normal cell function, it was absolutely key to the overall approach.  It helped across every aspect of my health for more energy and less fatigue. My appetite was great, and my assessments were right in line each time, it was great to see everyone’s amazement at every turn. As an older man, realizing and dealing with concerns of  “us older men” health and function it is amazing to realize how a person can take their own health into their hands and make things better.

The Poly organization provides excellent research materials and has an outstanding support community. I share this will all my friends and family and it still amazes me that after all I went thru others are reluctant to understand it or even try it and follow thru with the approach.

” YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER, however you can’t not make them drink. They need to be open to another way of thinking. I call it Outside the Box Thinking and many are not willing to understand integrative health. They don’t think of the rest of the body, your healthy cells or what you can do to support and protect them.

Thank you again, Neal.

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