Nancy Hauer and Natia

Nancy Hauer

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Natia Female  Biewer Terrier with a back injury.

Started using Poly-MVA for Pets on 03/10/2020 at 1 ml and we are still using Poly-MVA today.


My 4 lb. Biewer Terrie mysteriously injured her back. I took her to the vet who after taking x-rays prescribed 2 different pain medications for her. She suffered for 2 days. She wandered the house pacing, panting and shaking uncontrollably. She rarely slept. I contacted the vet and they doubled the dose of 1 of the pain medications. She continued to have very little relief. On the 3rd night I added Poly MVA to her regimen. I only gave her .1 ml due to her small size. Within an hour she was sleeping soundly for the first time in days. She woke up in the morning and was about 40% better. I continued the Poly MVA twice a day and the following day she had improved about 80%. I reduced her pain medication to only 1 instead of 2. The following day she woke up and was back to her normal feisty self. Although she still need to remain calm to continue healing I was able to stop all pain medication. I was thrilled there was a safer, more natural alternative that worked so effectively.

Poly-MVA:  Improved Quality of Life,Energy levels increased and Improved Pain Management

I recommended Poly-MVA, to friends and family!

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