Michelle Taja Miller

“One of my cats could not keep any food down since her intestines were blocked. After surgery we took her home. She had lost so much weight and looked miserable. We started her on an approach that included Poly-MVA for Pets, plus transfer factor for pets and some of the best acidophilus/bifidus I could find at Whole Foods. We gave all this to her twice a day at first, then once all mixed in goat yogurt (which she loves). After a week or two of doing this, she started jumping around effortlessly as she used to do as a young kitten. This was almost two years ago!! She still takes everything each day. She is well and is now 13+. I have to thank everyone who, by their research and dedication, helped create and put on the market this wonderful product. I don’t know exactly how it works, but we feel it provided significant support for our cat.”

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