Michael Muscari 2003-Present

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You all are our heroes! All of the terrific people at AMARC are heroes and living angels in all survivors’ lives. We are so blessed to have one another. We are mindful to be prayerful and grateful every day for the Poly-MVA team, patient family and the way Poly-MVA can provide immune support to those of us with cancer diagnoses. Emotions overcome me as I remember the care we receive from all of you. We are inspired by your dedication and your servant leadership. Love and appreciation to all!”
Update 09/2015: I started taking Poly-MVA in 2003, as part of an overall protocol of supplements, diet, etc, instead of choosing traditional approaches to treating prostate cancer. I continued on a regimen of 8 tsps of PolyMVA and the AMARC-recommended daily protocol. On 9/4/2015, having received amazingly improving test results for years, no evidence of my previous prostate cancer was evident, something I know is a function of divine intervention – an answer to prayer, to discipline, to the power of divinely-inspired belief, to an attitude of gratitude, to a consistent exercise of verbal acclamation, to the self-talk required to redeem me of the consequences of fear and stress that accompanied the pursuit of health over a bleak diagnosis and to the commitment inspired by grace that one can never earn, only choose to receive. As I learn more from people, events and the Poly-MVA family, I will continue to adjust and remain diligent with the disciplines that offer and which have achieved the 9/4/15 successful results.

Update 9/2019: Subsequent to the death of my wife in May 2019, after a stressful time since Fall 2017, I returned to UCSF in 9/2019 for my annual Prostate Spectroscopy MRI and the Color Doppler Sonogram. The MRI revealed there were 2 lesions on my prostate whereupon I commenced with the implementation of the previous PolyMVA 4-Corners Protocol that resulted in the 9/4/15 discovery of no prostate cancer. The 9/2019 findings invigorated me to focus again on the same effort from before and I am now dedicated to the same result as before until it is achieved.

Update 05/2020: Still, and since September 2002 after the initial biopsies, I have elected to NOT take conventional medical recommendations in lieu of the approaches that have more than proven themselves effective for me. I have confidence in the doctors, and in the choices I have made and will make while experiencing life as a fighter, as a champion of circumstance – something in which I assuredly believe Poly-MVA still plays a vital role. I will continue my fastidious diet, taking Poly-MVA and the other supplements, nutrigenomics and hemp endocannabinoids as I continue to monitor my progress and health status with regular lab work and the most state-of-the-art imaging technology. My experience shows me that there is hope and success even as sometimes the world says there is not. ‘Be not weary in well-doing.’

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