Michael Dresser

“In 1997, during surgery, the doctor removed my right lung and part of the lining of my heart. There was residual damage on my heart, which was inoperable. The prognosis was grim. I chose not to do anything else. I decided instead to go to San Diego to the Livingston Foundation Medical Center, where I used vaccines in an immunotherapy program. Needless to say it’s been eight years since the surgery. Over a year ago, I found Poly-MVA and have been using it since for daily nutritional support. Last year, when I called the lab because my immune antigen was late getting to me, I was told that it was difficult for them to process. I would recommend Poly-MVA for anyone wanting to have the best possible nutritional support, especially if your systems are compromised. I would be more than happy to tell my story anywhere or anytime. Thank you Poly-MVA.” (Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host)

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