Megan Rodolf

“In early March of 2002, my 9-year-old Shih Tzu, Spike, was seen by the vet he had been seeing for years and didn’t have any options for us. We sought out another vet who was said to be excellent and had a lot of experience dealing with dogs like Spike. Time was not on our side. Spike was operated on the following day his prognosis was very poor at best; in the meantime he was on tetracycline, transfer factor plus (4life), omega 3 and CoQ10 to try to boost his immune system. His carbohydrates were restricted. During this time a friend had me talk to the owner of Wolfstar Pet Foods Corp, a company that produces raw organic dog food. She in turn put me in touch with a naturopathic vet who introduced us to Poly-MVA for Pets. He also recommended the raw organic dog food, Dr Schulze’s Superfood and Primal Defense, a probiotic formula and steamed distilled H20. I asked our new vet if he would look at the info I had collected on Poly-MVA for Pets. He was impressed so we went with Poly-MVA along with the raw dog food and all the above mentioned supplements. In 2002, Spike was checked and found to be in good health. We have eliminated the tetracycline and cut the Poly-MVA for Pets from the original dose of 6cc a day to 3cc then down to the present 2cc a day and will continue to monitor him. Today we have a spunky, healthy, happy little Spike who just turned 10 but acts more like a 5yr old! Thank you, AMARC, for your incredible product and for your patient and helpful staff – they took time for me whenever I called with questions. Thanks also to two wonderful dedicated veterinarians, a lovely lady who cares so much about pets that she came up with a back-to-nature pet food and thanks to a special friend who pointed me in the right direction. UPDATE February 2004 – Spike turned 11 on January 4th and continues to enjoy excellent health with the energy of a younger dog. We have kept him on the raw organic dog food, 2cc of Poly-MVA for Pets daily and the supplements and steamed distilled water mentioned in his original story. In addition, we have added Coral Calcium and Joint CM Complex for joint support. When we have halibut or (wild) salmon, Spike has it as well-cooked with pureed organic vegetables. He loves it. No, he’s not spoiled!”

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