Maria West

“I rescued Clyde, my 6-year-old Chihuahua mix, five years ago after he was run over and left to die. My vet, Angel Mitchell, saved his life, and although he lost an eye and has numerous scars and a permanently broken back leg from the accident, he has a strong spirit and loving heart. He’s my baby boy and constant companion! Clyde began having behavior changes and balance problems last fall.
My vet suggested a holistic consult and we started him on a holistic approach in January 2012. We gave him various things like immune-boosting herbs, the veterinarian recommendations and large doses of Poly-MVA for Pets twice a day for nutritional support. It’s now been almost seven months, and Clyde is doing well! Dr. Mitchell said he looks terrific with good signs. I’m grateful for every day I have with him!”

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