Margaret M Waddington, MD 2008

“In February 2008, my doctor suggested a two month trial of Poly-MVA when he learned that I was sleeping 16 hours a day after 12 years of combating chronic lymphatic leukemia with the alpha-stim unit; my immune system was severely depressed. Within two months of using Poly-MVA, I started to wake up! My sleep reduced to 10 hours a day, alertness improved and change in blood count as shown below:

Date                 WBC                                              TLC Comments
02/22/08 62.8 57.9 cell morphology abnormal; 3+ smudge cells
03/25/08 59.3 40.3 cell morphology abnormal; 1+ smudge cells
04/21/08 56.5 23.7 cell morphology abnormal; NORMAL
(differential count: NORMAL!)

Immune system stable IGA 30 (low); IGG 384 (low) IGM <10 low
I’m delighted with the overall improvement. I plan to continue with the Poly-MVA, and plan a blood count once a month to monitor progress. I’m still using alpha-stim 10-20 hours a week and AVE TM (fermented wheat germ drink) 8.5 oz/day. I am taking no other supplements or drugs. I am following a prevention diet as I have all along.”

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