Lynn P. Jones Updated 4-2020

In February of 2007 I was severely anemic and a colonoscopy revealed a lesion in my cecum, the pouch between large and small intestines.  The day I received the diagnosis I had an appointment with my primary physician, Dr. Robert Milne of Las Vegas, NV, and he placed in my hand a bottle of Poly-MVA.  He said, “Take this.”  Upon his advice, I took 2 teaspoons three times a day and in a few days, despite being severely anemic, I began to feel stronger.  When I told Dr. Milne how much better I felt, he smiled and told me that meant the Poly was going to work for me.

Surgery a few weeks later revealed complications. Every time I resumed the Poly after a stopping I quickly felt better and tolerated all the actions well.  The Poly definitely helped me get through it.   I also employed other  a couple of oral supplements and homeopathic actions, and I included certain foods in my daily diet including green tea, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower), watercress, green juice I made at home, and very dark chocolate. I also envisioned my cells healthy and chose to be happy and grateful for life.

After eight cycles and and deciding that I needed more support. My Poly dosage was increased to two teaspoons four times a day and I continued all the other approaches in combination.

It is now thirteen years later and at 75 years old, I am feeling great.  I have taken Poly every day for all those years, and I still take Poly every day.  My maintenance dosage is one teaspoon twice a day.  My husband also takes Poly in a daily  dosage of ½ teaspoon daily.  I absolutely believe that Poly was a major contributor to my success, and that it has given me protection and energy thru all of this.

At the time when this first happened , I was resistant to doing things because I had been invested in alternative health for several decades, and Dr. Milne said something to me I always repeat to other people:  “Hit it hard right from the start.  Hit it hard from both mainstream and integrative approaches.”   He also told me that he believed the Poly would help in the long term regardless of things.  Always keeping Dr. Milne’s advice in mind, I never see mine or anyones elses health as an either or. The best thing about integrative and supportive health, is just that.  Support for the whole body.  I see it as doing both.

For me, long term health is not a battle but rather a healing of body, heart and soul.  I love life, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow old!!

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