Linda Chase

“In June, my Akita, Logan, who seemed to be in perfect health, started not feeling well. I searched for options for immune and nutritional support for him. At the recommendation of a friend, I was led to Poly-MVA for Pets and immediately started him on it. Very soon after he started taking it, I noticed his old spark come back. He quickly improved even after a rather extensive surgery and began living his life the way he always had. He had increased energy and appetite and wanted to take more walks and have more play time outside than before his surgery. I had Logan with me for four more great months in which he had an outstanding quality of life that I attribute significantly to the Poly-MVA for Pets. Logan’s last months were full of life. He even swam for the very first time. I absolutely recommend Poly-MVA for Pets and wish that more veterinarians would incorporate it into their approaches. Thank you!”

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