Lee Garoutte

21 months ago in December 2018, my husband was hit with hard with his tongue and lymph nodes in his throat unable to swallow at the age of 79.

He required 7 weeks of daily radiation and weekly chemotherapy. The treatments were “brutal” and the side effects were devastating.  Knowing he would not be able to swallow as a result of the treatments, a feeding tube was inserted into his stomach so he could get nourishment from liquid supplements.  The doctors were amazed he was strong enough in 5 months to remove it.  However, he still has to have all food pureed as his throat muscles are still damaged, but healing.

A couple of weeks into the treatments, a very special and concerned friend, provided him with  POLY-MVA,  associated supplements, and an advisor to guide him in the use.

He has gained back some of his strength.  Initially he was told he could lose 40 – 50 pounds.  Ultimately, he lost 27 pounds and has gained back almost half of that. He returned to his part time job as an estimator for a construction company after 7 months. He continues to take the POLY-MVA on a daily basis.

We truly believe that the POLY-MVA strengthened his immune system to helped him immensely.

Thank you for your continuing support and follow-up.  Julie Garoutte and Lee Garoutte

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