Joyce Coulson

Joyce Coulson  for Male 4-5 years old Feral Cat -Marmalade aka Big Guy,  Oral Issue

1/2 tsp twice a day AM/PM  12/05/2017 -02/13/2020

Still using Poly-MVA with Prenisone, Orbox  and 5 drops of Liquid CoQ10.

Increase or maintained quality of Life, Energy, Increased appetite, Cancer support, Improved Fatigue, Less Pain, Improved blood, kidney or liver panels

Became perkier and mouth improved. Marmalade is happy, playful, and more self-aware.

We are very thankful for customer service. Vivien has provided exceptional care and follow up on how Marmalade “Big Guy” has been doing. We continue to use Poly-MVA to Support Big Guy and all of the other feral cats that we take care of.

Started out with alopecia and rhino issues. Developed oral issues 2017. The entire lower jaw and bottom teeth. After deciding not to go forward with any conventional approaches, we had found Poly-MVA on the internet. Once we got the Poly-MVA, we added it to the Orbox and prednisone regimen. Eventually we stopped using the Orbox and prednisone, yet continued to use Poly-MVA with ground beef or organic chicken wet food, No liver and no fish. Within 6 months everything improved. It has been 2 and 1/2 years using Poly-MVA. We continue to give 1/4 tsp twice a day of Poly-MVA to maintain his healthy life. We will continue to share Poly-MVA with others.  Vivien and the customer service have been wonderful. We will reach out again when we are ready.

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