Jessica and Darryl

“When Gizmo was feeling kind of down back in January 2011, Darryl and I felt very helpless and wanted to do all that we could to help him out. We knew we would be putting him through an extensive regime and that even though there would be minimal effects from this, we had to do this to keep him healthy. Gizmo didn’t feel very well for a while so Darryl and I researched options and things we could do to help him nutritionally. That’s when Poly-MVA for Pets came into the picture. Our vet at the VCA Hospital Kaneohe told us about the product, as she has recommended it to others, and that she and other vets had seen success with other pets. After extensive research and conversing with Poly-MVA for Pets specialists, Darryl and I realized that we didn’t have anything to lose by trying it for nutritional support. Gizmo has been taking it regularly ever since and we couldn’t ask for anything else for him. Gizmo has been doing well since August of 2011 and we want to help him stay this way. Our message to other pet owners wanting the best for their pet: Poly-MVA for Pets is not an inexpensive supplement but we strongly feel that it is priceless to be able to try to maintain the health of your loved one. We recommend the product for support to anyone we encounter; they want to help out their pet but don’t know what they can do, and are very pleased with the benefits that Gizmo has shown. His vet and others always ask about how he is and how he’s doing and after going through thorough exams, he’s still doing well. We truly believe in what we feel that Poly-MVA for Pets offers our pet – he has a lot of energy again and is back to his old self, and his tests show good. Give it a shot and see for yourself; there’s nothing to lose with trying!
UPDATE June 2015 – Gizmo is still thriving and doing well; we just celebrated his 8th birthday!”

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