Jeanine Nostrame & Chris Mazzo

“Our 14-year-old German Shepherd/Doberman mix dog, Petey, was not well in April of 2011. Because Petey is an older dog, we felt that doing anything harsh or difficult to him like surgery would have been too much for him to handle. So we opted to use a holistic approach including Poly-MVA for Pets. We feel Petey’s response to this approach has been AMAZING! In addition to positive results, Petey has enjoyed excellent quality of life. He eats well, has no problems, and he has a great energy level for an older dog. Petey continues to walk every day and is enjoying the quality of life that this beautiful, senior dog deserves. I firmly believe that Poly-MVA for Pets has given Petey a good lifespan and provided the nutritional support for his immune system (to help his body help itself). It is our belief that the more difficult the options, the more trauma is created and his life expectancy would suffer. Petey will be 15 years old this June! We are approaching one year on Poly-MVA for Pets and we couldn’t be happier with the observed results! Thank you for helping us support our dog in a healthful, holistic way that we feel has yielded obvious, positive results.”

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