Jane Williams

“When Frieda was not doing well in January 2011, the first thing my holistic vet recommended was the nutritional support Poly-MVA for Pets might be able to give her. I began researching the product and discovered Dr. Greg Ogilvie’s research. Frieda had surgery and in Frieda’s case, there was no evidence of hypercalcemia. Frieda continued on the normal dosage of Poly-MVA for Pets. In addition to the Poly-MVA, we’re using homeopathy and Chinese herbs. My biggest concern in the beginning was maintaining an excellent quality of life for Frieda, and thankfully that has been possible. People who meet Frieda are amazed that she is almost 11 years old because of her energy and enthusiasm. She loves Poly-MVA for Pets and I’m very grateful to the folks who researched and created this product. It’s a great addition to any dog’s diet, but it can be especially helpful in supporting a great quality of life for dogs that need more help. I highly recommend it! Also, I have been using this product since February 2011 and have called AMARC Enterprises numerous times. In the beginning, I had lots of questions and spoke many times with Gary. He was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. On other occasions when I called, I spoke with Toni and Vivien. Both of them are very patient, always interested in Frieda’s continued status, and they answered all my questions. It’s just a very pleasant experience to call a company and actually talk with an intelligent, helpful person. Excellent customer service is what you get with AMARC.”

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