James Peters

“In my mid-thirties my health began to suffer. Many doctor visits and a two-day battery of inpatient tests revealed nothing. It was necessary to use heating pads for relief. I had seen Poly-MVA mentioned in Suzanne Sommers’ book, Knockout. In July 2012, after internet research, I began dosing Poly-MVA at 40 ml/d (two tsp four times a day). What a difference in my health; it felt like a real miracle! I have since then used Poly-MVA continuously as my main health approach, and have remained basically healthy and stable. In addition to faith in God, diet, ample clean water, exercise and rest, my health regimen includes Poly-MVA and certain other supplements and immune system boosters. These supplements have been discussed with health consultants and with my specialist doctors. Multiple scans during the last two years (including a PET scan on Dec 18, 2013) have indicated that I am stable and healthy. Poly-MVA dosing has been the sole predominant factor in my overall health. Incidentally, my 93-year-old father-in-law also has not been feeling well, so we have started him on three doses/day at 10 ml each. His recent evaluations show great improvement and he feels good. In conclusion, it is clear that Poly-MVA is an ingenious, unique, powerful health option for so many. A true miracle! While so many other options are ineffective, and maybe even harmful and expensive, Poly-MVA’s effectiveness is a modern miracle, providing hope and positive, verifiable, economical results. I continue to co-exist with my health challenges, and hopefully will for the long term, and am eternally grateful for Poly-MVA and AMARC. Thank God for leading me to you!”

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