Emerald Ducoeur

“Tosca, our beloved Golden Retriever, at 13 years old had his spleen removed in July of 2001. The prognosis for Tosca, given to us by a leading veterinary clinic in our area, did not make us happy. Our decision was based on Tosca’s stress and anxiety over any medical procedures at the clinic. We wanted his life to be free of veterinary pain and discomfort. We then contacted a holistic veterinary clinic in New York and were told about Poly-MVA for Pets. We started Tosca on the product immediately, along with a more healthy diet and tons of love. We are so happy to write that he is here with us and we are preparing to celebrate his 14th birthday in May. These six months has been a gift to all of us and we credit Poly-MVA for Pets with being a big part of the reason Tosca had the strength and health to enjoy living.”

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