Elaine Hu

“Sunshade went to the vet in in October 2010, a month before her 11th birthday. We began the Quality of Life program in February 2011 and Sunshade started taking Poly-MVA for Pets. I took advantage of a discount and purchased 20 bottles of Poly-MVA for Pets. I continued to give Sunshade anywhere between 1-2 tablespoons per day. I truly believe that the nutritional support Sunshade has received from Poly-MVA for Pets has had a lot to do with her good health. Sunshade will celebrate her 13th birthday next month. She has a great quality of life and we are enjoying every minute that we are being gifted with to the fullest. My experience with AMARC Enterprises has always been extremely positive; both Vivien and Gary have been very supportive and caring. Whenever I had a question or concern, I could just write or call them, and my question would be answered by the next day at the latest. I would absolutely recommend Poly-MVA for Pets to others – and I have!”

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