Dr. William Eidelman 2014

“Sister Somayah is well-known and loved for her work on behalf of seriously ill patients; she has also been a pioneer in nutritional therapy for health (the use of essential fatty acids). Sister Somayah was recently not doing well. I started her on Poly-MVA, and I watched as she took her first drink of it. “Doc!” she said as it was going down, “Could this stuff already be working?” It appeared that she immediately had a spark of improvement. Placebo effect? Perhaps. Maybe her body was sounding a happy YES! on feeling the supplement. Whatever the case may be, it was a wonderful jump-start to healing. Somayah went home with Poly-MVA and hope. On her second day of Poly-MVA, she led a march in Los Angeles with a vitality that surprised her. It might have been expected that even if a person who was not feeling well managed the energy for a major event, there is usually a price to pay afterwards in pain, fatigue, and malaise. But Somayah just kept getting better and better. She soon could walk up the stairs easily, without needing to rest, and without huffing and puffing. Now, Somayah feels like she’s been given her life back. She no longer feels as she had before. Poly-MVA literally helped Somayah. This dramatic improvement on Somayah’s energy is one of the most profound effects of Poly-MVA. It supports efficiency of aerobic metabolism (low oxygen). In my experience, having a dramatic improvement of energy and feeling of well-being bodes well for better health and her body dealing in health.”

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