Donna Tokugawa

“Thank you very much for always following up with us! I am sorry to tell you that my father-in-law has passed away. I do believe Poly-MVA, along with the integrative approach we followed under the care of Dr. Forsythe, was able to really support his body in so many ways the whole time!! We began in early 2010 and he passed away in late December 2012 (just 5 days short of turning 88) from complications with pneumonia. He was in Hiroshima, Japan when the USA dropped the bomb and had suffered from that for many years. I still have some of the product, and my husband and I take a tablespoon a day “just because.” Once we have depleted this supply, we will begin to order again. Thank you again for staying in touch. I really do believe you sending emails to people using the product are HELPFUL and not at all received as a push to buy. Let’s face it – most families purchasing are under so many stresses a friendly reminder is appreciated and helps keep things moving along smoothly. Keep doing all the GOOD you do!!”

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