Don Mathews

Don’s Journey-141 days from start to finish for – esophageal support

As we left the hospital, Debi told him that Diet Coke would never be allowed in the house again – ever. Determined to fight with Allopathic, Naturopathic, and Lifestyle protocols, Debi considered him as her “project” to get to a “solution” as quickly as possible so that the Standard of Care protocol could be tailored to only “what is necessary.”

For the millionth time in the last 16 years since starting her exploration on proactive health protocols, Debi experienced her heart racing, frustration, and anger at the current food supply, poisonous approaches to herbicides and genetically modified foods, fluoride in our water, nitrates in our processed meat, and the simplicity, and toxicity of killing enzymes in our foods by overcooking everything. Then, she was disappointed in herself that she had not spent the time necessary to teach Don about all of the approaches to:

  1. food and beverage choices;
  2. supplements;
  3. complementary solutions such as oxygenation, sauna, analog frequency generators, and meditation; and
  4. essential oils.


The car ride home was quiet, primarily because Don was coming out of his fog from being sedated and secondarily, Debi’s mind was hunting and gathering the hundreds of healing modalities that she had learned for years.

Since the first time that Debi went to We Care Spa in Palm Desert, CA, she has immersed herself in healing protocols and the important Hippocrates Oath “first, do no harm.” The health and healing protocol journey included guidance learned from Susana Belen, Owner of We Care Spa, Ann Wigmore, Hulda Clark, Brian Clement, Al Sanchez, Steve Meyerowitz, Paul and Patricia Bragg, Dr. Fred Pescatore, Dr. Marc Micozzi, Dr. Josh Axe, Richard Whelan, and many others through books, webinars, classes, and podcasts.


Don’s Protocol Strategy – by Debi

  1. Follow the first step of the Allopathic Standard of Care Protocol
    1. Alkalize, Alkalize, Alkalize Don’s body immediately and remove toxins including:
    2. No Diet Coke
    3. No meats
    4. No dairy except for minimal cheese while making some soups
    5. Minimal sugar to less than 25 mg per day (most days it was about 40-60 mg, but still low)
    6. No Alcohol
  1. Drink only the following:
  2. Kangen pH 9.0 or 9.5 water (but not during meal time; at that time, drink “Clean water”
  3. Braggs Apple Cider vinegar drinks (but watch sugar content)
  4. Kombucha (but watch sugar content)
  5. Follow Alkaline Diet (minus any sugar, including natural sugar, no fruit or only fruit with minimum sugar, e.g. strawberry). (see 80% / 20%). This is because Cancer does not grow as fast in Alkaline body vs. non-Alkaline body. Follow a no-sugar Plant-Based Diet as much as possible.
  6. Eat any plant that is still living – e.g. sprouts. Sprouts have natural enzymes that will support your immune system in your gut.
  7. Eat as much raw food as possible. Do not nuke the nutrients out of food by putting it into microwave or other heat.
  8. Oxygenate your body as much as possible with real deep breaths, walking, etc. Cancer does not like oxygen and grows in stagnant bodies.
  9. Use all the supplements, essential oils, and other complementary healing protocols that can regenerate healthy cells.

Don started taking Poly-MVA 3 teaspoons 3 times a day as soon as he could. Debi has been taking this about 1 – 2 times a day off and on for over 10 years and has found it helps with health and energy. As soon as the President of AMARC Enterprises learned of Don’s condition and the protocols being followed, he asked for a phone call with us to share the Poly-MVA story and listen to Don’s journey.

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