Debbie Dias

I learned about Poly-MVA 3 years ago from my boss, Ed Sanchez, of Scaffold Solutions in 2017 when i was 57 years old. I still use Poly-MVA today at the age of 60.  This goes back to when I was initially viewed in January 15, 2008 but my PC and Stanford doctor said that my case was in the early stages and nothing was recommended at the time. Labs every 3 months and I have seen my doctor every 6 months for labs since 2008. In January 2018 my labs showed some changes and a Pet Scan was done. I eventually started taking PMVA 3 years ago, I started taking PMVA 2 tsps. a day, then in February of 2018, I increased the dosage to 4 tsps.  3 times a day after my other therapy.. I know take Poly-MVA 4 tsps. a day. I then had treatments once a month (2 day session) for 6 months (March 2018-September 2018) I had very few side effects. I believe because of PMVA, Coq10, Coral Calcium, VitD3 and Liver Support.. I had Scan in October 2018 the results were awesome. Had I been shown the picture before, I would have been so much more worried. The pictures are night and day and I continue to take Poly-MVA and the full protocol daily. I have been having labs drawn every 3 months and seeing my doctor every 6 months still. They tell me we are again just watching as they say this will never completely go away but I will now support myself nutritionally because my blood looks great. I thank God every day for meeting Eddie Sanchez, because I feel without this meeting and the Poly-MVA, my life would be entirely different today.

My Daughter, Tricia is 40 years old and has been dealing with Breast Concerns. She is going through all of the tests to confirm things and the Doctors said that it is early.

My Poly-MVA experience obviously has been awesome and the AMARC Enterprises staff are a huge, awesome support for me.. There are no words to describe what this all has meant to not only my four daughters, their significant others and my grandchildren! Thank you everyone!
Without a doubt, I would recommend Poly-MVA to anyone. It is a life changer for what it does for your body! Please feel free to reach out to me

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