Deb & Doug Kozisek

“Barclae is our 11-year-old Scottish Terrier who has had ups and downs over the last couple of years. After several surgeries, vaccine treatments and others, we came upon Poly-MVA for Pets through Drs. Robert and Susan Goldsteins’ book and Dog Fancy magazine. We began using Poly-MVA for Pets for nutritional support in late June of this year and have been administering 2ml twice a day since then. Barclae’s energy seems to remain high, his tests show well and he is always in good spirits. He eats well, and we use a couple dozen holistic supplements in his daily diet. We only use the best dry dog food and stay away from any artificial ingredients. We do not use any chemicals on our yard and do not walk him past any neighbor who uses chemicals on their yards. We would definitely recommend Poly-MVA for Pets to anyone.”

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