Dan Reineke

My husband Dan was used 8 teaspoons of Poly MVA per day throughout his process.  We know that Poly-MVA made a huge impact on his health.  He had good energy and appetite and was amazingly able to work every day during the process and that was 5.5 years ago.  To go thru all the changes, it was really amazing to keep him in good health. He was able to keep his weight up on only dropped 5-10 pounds in the 30 days.  This allowed us to better his nutrition thru the whole ordeal with a nutrient dense and organic semi liquid diet.


Regardless of what others wanted us to do we know that by using the Poly-MVA along with 40 hyperbaric oxygen sessions, that this drastically improved his energy  and quality of life.  It is sad that his is not more widely known around the health community as nutrition is so important.  We are grateful for Poly MVA and will forever use it on a maintenance basis.  Thank you to Dr. Paul Rothwell and Dr. Mary.



Jamie Reineke

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