Cathy Danehart

“In March 2015, my 10-yr-old cat, Tyler, began having decreased appetite. X-rays and blood work revealed concerns, and our vet referred us to a specialty hospital; we were shocked at the various options. We elected to take Tyler home, continued his regiment and immediately ordered Poly-MVA. When we received, we started Tyler on 1/4 tsp daily. (I knew about Poly-MVA from the successful experience my sister had when she gave it to her dog, Po.) A month later, Tyler’s info was great and he was back in the normal range. My vet was amazed how quickly he bounced back; we will check on him again in 6 months. Tyler is on nothing other than Poly-MVA, taking a maintenance dose of 1/8 tsp daily mixed in with canned wet food. Even the scans show that all is well. He has a great appetite, and is playful and full of energy. It has been nine months now and I truly believe Poly-MVA was a major factor in Tyler’s health. I will continue to give him the daily maintenance dose as long as I am blessed to have him.”

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