Catherine Cheyssial

“I am educated on Poly-MVA. I’m not only educated on Poly-MVA but I have a heavy dose of healthy skepticism and took what I believe is a very objective and unbiased look at this product. I believe in Poly-MVA, that it can provide support to not all but many. My father is living proof. When my father’s health declined, I was devastated. His colon had ruptured and he was in complete sepsis. He barely survived that. The infections that took over his body rendered him too weak. I researched everything I could get my hands on in terms of integrative approaches. I also prayed because I do believe in the healing power of prayer. I researched for the good and the bad. I took it a step further. I called people up who actually used the product and interviewed them. I took it a step even further. I went to the AMARC offices and interviewed their staff and a doctor. I was nothing less than amazed. I read the science behind the product and the results are impressive for many who have used it. I spoke to my family about it. I also took it to my father’s physician with the list of ingredients and he approved it as a supplement for my father. They even gave it to him in the hospital. Let me tell you our experience with Poly-MVA. I will never forget the day my father took his first dose. I really feel it helped him feel better rather quickly and there was evident improvement in his energy level. You could see it in his face. He sat up in bed and put his hands behind his head like he used to at home watching television. He began taking Poly-MVA several times a day. To make a long story short, my father’s energy and well-being improved. He continued to take the Poly-MVA and we all feel it really assisted him in having a good quality of life. He felt so much better when he was taking it, and when he didn’t have it we could all tell the difference. He unfortunately contracted terrible infections that were a result of a ruptured colon and passed away. I’m not only educated about this product, I’ve lived it and I’m a believer. I took it myself just to see what kind of effect it had on a healthy person. The effects were pretty spectacular in terms of energy level. If you are wondering about Poly-MVA, please learn more from those who have taken it and have had positive results. There are many and they are not paid. I’m not paid. I found stories about Poly-MVA because I was researching something else. I wanted to put in my two cents. I hope this helps anyone who may be wondering but may have a healthy dose of skepticism such as I but may not have all the facts. Do your research, talk to people and learn as much as you can. People have been helped by this product.”

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