Carol Roberts

“After a routine exams in 2011, I went to see Dr. David J. Krizman, who recommended Poly-MVA to me for nutritional support. I started using it in September 2011. Everything I read about Poly-MVA was that it was an antioxidant that could provide nutritional support. After I started using Poly-MVA, my energy level went up. I have been active in church. I participate in my organ class each week. I am able to do my own housework unassisted. I often go out to lunch with my friends. In essence, I have maintained a normal routine and have enjoyed my quality of life. After my next exam in June 2012, my results were normal. I feel that Poly-MVA’s support has greatly contributed to my health and recovery. I now take a maintenance dose of Poly-MVA at 1 tsp, 2 times a day. I would recommend Poly-MVA to others. My experience with AMARC and the staff has been very helpful. They are always helpful in explaining the benefits of Poly-MVA, and are always personable and genuinely concerned about how I am doing.”

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