Carol Buchanan

“God, with His guidance, has been saving my life. I have been battling very difficult health challenges. The doctor literally told me that there was nothing more to do for me. I was wasting away and weighed 90 lbs. I started praying and God led me to Poly-MVA. I even got my first cat and named him Poly because I’m still here and I now weigh 125 lbs! I have to start watching my weight because I’m eating so much, whereas before I was constantly nauseous and throwing up. Poly-MVA, in my opinion, is the best supplement for a person whose body is compromised. My only issue with Poly-MVA is the cost, but I do understand the value. I can only imagine how super well I would be if I could have it in more abundance. Thank you so much for offering Poly-MVA!”

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