Brian L. Anderson

“In the mid 1990s, I began to experience significant health challenges, so Dr. Kemire, my regular Kaiser Permanente doctor, ran some tests to determine specific causes and needs. Over the following decade, the challenges would come and go. In 2005 I met with Dr, Stewart, a urologist at Kaiser, only to find out that my condition had taken a turn for the worse. I had to do something about it, but wanted time to consider my options. After returning home, I telephoned my friend, Margaret Walt, an RN with Kaiser, and asked her if she had any information about a product that might support my body well during this specific challenge. She told me about Poly-MVA and gave me a 800 number to call. I got in touch with Gary Matson at AMARC Enterprises and asked him if there were some men currently using Poly-MVA that I could call to hear about their use of the liquid dietary supplement for my specific needs. He have me the names and telephone numbers of several men, whom I called. After hearing their testimonies, I knew it was important that I order some Poly-MVA and get started using it on a daily basis, which I did in 2007. In 2009, because my tests were coming back uncertain, my new urologist, Dr. Chabra, wanted me to run more. Some of the particularly significant results were unbelievable to both of us, because of the improvement! So much so that the doctor had the laboratory check my results twice because he could not believe the lower number! I told him I felt it was due to the power of prayer, a positive attitude, proper diet and the daily support Poly-MVA provided my body. I showed him a 8 ounce bottle of the supplement for his information. Over the past 5 years since 2007, I have taken Poly-MVA orally each day (2 teaspoons) and I continue to improve and have a good quality of life. The conversations I and other people who have used the product is a very gratifying and personal experience and an encouraging one to others. I plan on using Poly-MVA for the rest of my life and trust I’ll have many more years to share its benefits!”

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