Brian Bramwell

“Our dog, Blackie, was in good health until one day we found him at the base of the stairs collapsed. He could not even rise on his own. We rushed him to the emergency vet clinic and I decided, after seeing his wagging tail and loving sparkling eyes, to take him home for hospice care. I had some leftover Poly-MVA for Pets that I had given to his late father, and immediately ordered another 8-ounce bottle. Overall, I decided to take care of Blackie holistically. I am now making homemade food for him, and I also have him on a holistic approach that includes Poly-MVA for Pets. It is now over 3 months later and Blackie is thriving! I take him for his daily walks, and he barks for his food every time I mix it up for him. Blackie is even more affectionate to me. My advice to other pet owners – don’t be afraid to try holistic approaches for your pet’s health challenges! And the customer service you receive from AMARC Enterprises is fantastic. They will talk you through any concerns or questions you might have, and are very understanding and friendly.”

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