Bob Stegmaier 1999-Present

I am 70 years old in 2020 and I started using using Poly-MVA : to get nutrients to my body cells

I started with 8tsp and now I am currently using 1 tsp daily for maintenance and I used the complete approach and the loading dose and then graduated down as I improved.

I started taking Poly-MVA on 04/01/1999 as a QOL study client. I still use Poly-MVA today as part of my maintenance and good health. Poly-MVA was very important part of my protocol and I would not have succeeded without it. Poly mva helped maintain a good quality of life during two difficult health challenges. I went thru bone marrow transplant for CML , high dose radiation and intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) for prostate cancer and used multiple vitamins and minerals. Poly-MVA increased and maintained my quality of Life and health support. I felt better and I was less inclined to get colds. Amarc Enterprises has a great knowledgeable staff. A great company to do business with polite friendly caring people. I recommend Poly-MVA to others.

Thank you, Bob Stegmaier

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