Barbara Hakala

“In February, Spooner (my 8-year old Australian Shepherd) was not doing well. Her vet recommended that we begin traditional things immediately; it was an option that for my own reasons I was not willing to try. A friend faxed me information about Poly-MVA for Pets, and after researching the options, I decided it was the best available option for supporting Spooner’s systems to help her body help itself – along with a fresh organic diet, lots of walking and endless amounts of love. By the end of April her health was back to normal. I took her in June for a review and she was in great health. Following that visit, I kept Spooner on a maintenance dosage of Poly-MVA for Pets for six months. If I had it to do over, I would have kept her on the maintenance dose for the rest of her life. In December 2005, Spooner had what appeared to be kennel cough and then vestibular syndrome. An ultrasound showed one collapsed lung and the other full of fluid. When they withdrew the fluid it turned from clear to red and it appeared she was bleeding to death. An autopsy concluded that she did not have a reoccurrence, her heart failed. I will never know the support she could had received had I kept her on Poly-MVA for Pets, but I do know that the approach we took helped to give her more years than any other canine survivor my vet had ever heard of. Inspired by the benefits my beloved Spooner derived from Poly-MVA for Pets, I began taking the human product myself. I know of others who use Poly-MVA for both themselves and their pets. The people at AMARC have always been very knowledgeable and supportive. For everyone who tries Poly-MVA and finds success, another life may be improved or saved.”

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