Anne Lombardo Ardolino

“In 2002, six months after Daisy’s first visit to the vet, all of a sudden, after sleeping with me for all thirteen years of her life, my Daisy would no longer even get in my bed but instead retreated to a little cardboard box and only came out to eat or use her litter box. I was so sad when the vet informed me that she was probably preparing things. I ordered Poly-MVA for Pets after learning of it at one of the Yahoo Feline Cancer groups and started Daisy on it immediately. On the fifth day of being given the product, Daisy came back into my bed and began once again to sleep and cuddle with me just like she used to; I could not believe it! She even started playing with her favorite toy, and once again ate well and used her litter box as if nothing was wrong. For eight more months, I got to enjoy her company and I did not waste a second of our time together! In September 2003, my darling little cat finally had to be put to sleep; she had been struggling increasingly with her breathing until it was clear to me I had to do the last loving thing and so I set her spirit free where no pain or discomfort could reach her. I will always be so grateful for what I saw with my own eyes as how she responded and stayed with me. I strongly feel that Poly-MVA for Pets helped give me more time with my beloved Daisy and I do want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would not hesitate to recommend the support this product may provide to anybody seeking excellent nutrition and energy for their pet.”

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