Andy Koontz

“I was given an opportunity to choose approaches to my health. I had heard about the support Poly-MVA might provide from Bill Henderson’s book and from a local naturopath. My mother had also done extensive research on supplements or options that could support my body while I was going through my situations. I started taking Poly-MVA for nutritional support. I strongly feel that the support Poly-MVA gave my body is one of the major reasons why I’m feeling so well. Since the start of all this, I have completely changed my diet and have added supplements to support my system. I will be taking Poly-MVA for life! I believe in its benefits at a cellular level and have seen what it can do to help a body’s system in need of help. In my opinion, truly incredible and such a blessing! I am also told by numerous people how good I look I would definitely recommend Poly-MVA to others, along with CoQ10. Additionally, I cannot say enough good about the person that Gary Matson at AMARC is. He and I have become friends and I treasure the positive impact he has made on my life.”

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