“My 10-year-old chocolate lab, Miss Ally, was not doing very well. There was nothing more the vet felt he could do for her, but he did say, “You might try Poly-MVA for Pets for nutritional support.” (He had heard about the product in his training.) I purchased the product after reading more about it, and my Ally is eating again and still taking her 2.1 mile walks a day! I tell everyone about Poly-MVA for Pets. Thank you!!!!!”

“The health of our cat, Maya, was not doing well and we had her on two immune system supplements. We visited an integrative medicine vet who recommended that we put Maya on a maintenance dose of Poly-MVA for Pets. At the center where Maya received her reviews we were told that in her case it impacts others aspects of the body within a year. She is doing well for over two years now. We are very grateful for Poly-MVA for Pets and the support it provided her.”

“I noticed that my 8-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Mia, did not have the spunk or sheen to her coat that she had prior to her recent situation. A friend of mine was taking Poly-MVA herself, and suggested I try the pet product with Mia. I purchased a couple bottles and began mixing 1/4 tsp into her food. Within one month, I noticed her coat was more shiny and she was once again running, chasing her football and swimming in the pool! It has been two and a half years since then and she is still with me! She remains happy and healthy today. Thank you for your product.”

“In July of 2000, I took our 3-yr-old Yorkie Poo, Mashah, to our veterinarian. Dr. Becker suggested Poly-MVA for Pets for nutritional support, large doses at first then decreasing over time. Mashah continues to take a maintenance dose to this day. In July of this year she turned 11 years old! She is very healthy and often acts like a puppy. I strongly believe that Poly-MVA for Pets plays a big part in her continued health. I am grateful to God that He directed me to this product. Thank you, AMARC, for your interest in my pet.”

“In August of 2006 our Australian Shepherd had little hope for her health, so we took her home. I had read about Poly-MVA for Pets and thought it would be a good time to try it on her. We had great results and she also got back her pep and energy! We were very happy to see her doing so well after just a few months with Poly-MVA for Pets. I think it is a very worthwhile product to try, not only for pets but for people as well. I would certainly give it a try for support if I ever had a serious health challenge.”

“In November 2005, our dog, Roxy, went to Dr. Anyes Van Volkenburg – who with nutrients, dietary changes and energy healing has given Roxy back good health. She is doing very well! The main product Dr. van Volkenburg recommended was Poly-MVA for Pets, and we started Roxy on it immediately. This was indeed a miracle and an answer to our prayers. Four days later she was happy with no dizziness and walking better. After a month or so, the head tilt began to get better. This whole process has taken its toll on Roxy, but thanks to all the approaches we have been taking, she has been happy, healthy and is still with us. Our regular vet is amazed. My husband and I are thrilled and incredibly grateful to AMARC for making this wonderful product available; we feel it has played a big role in supporting Roxy. We cannot thank you enough!”

“Joey was placed on a maintenance dose of Poly-MVA for Pets on 4/15/2008 and now takes 1/8-1/4 tsp daily. He was reevaluated in July 2011; he has done well for the past 3 years. He has since continued to take Poly-MVA for Pets.”

“I took my 12-year-old cat, Giselle, to visit a holistic veterinarian for advice. He told me he was getting great nutritional support results with a product called Poly-MVA for Pets. Giselle has been on Poly-MVA for Pets for 10 months now. She is doing great! She has more energy than ever. We are so grateful for this product. And her original doctor who had worked with us at first has been amazed! Thank you!!!!”

“In 2002, six months after Daisy’s first visit to the vet, all of a sudden, after sleeping with me for all thirteen years of her life, my Daisy would no longer even get in my bed but instead retreated to a little cardboard box and only came out to eat or use her litter box. I was so sad when the vet informed me that she was probably preparing things. I ordered Poly-MVA for Pets after learning of it at one of the Yahoo Feline Cancer groups and started Daisy on it immediately. On the fifth day of being given the product, Daisy came back into my bed and began once again to sleep and cuddle with me just like she used to; I could not believe it! She even started playing with her favorite toy, and once again ate well and used her litter box as if nothing was wrong. For eight more months, I got to enjoy her company and I did not waste a second of our time together! In September 2003, my darling little cat finally had to be put to sleep; she had been struggling increasingly with her breathing until it was clear to me I had to do the last loving thing and so I set her spirit free where no pain or discomfort could reach her. I will always be so grateful for what I saw with my own eyes as how she responded and stayed with me. I strongly feel that Poly-MVA for Pets helped give me more time with my beloved Daisy and I do want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would not hesitate to recommend the support this product may provide to anybody seeking excellent nutrition and energy for their pet.”