“Not until I used Poly-MVA, did I believe and understand how remarkable and powerful it is. Everyone involved with Poly-MVA are genuine people trying to help others.”

“I just received my Poly-MVA and pleasantly found to my surprise that I cannot take it in the evening, as it gives me so much energy I can’t sleep! (I was so excited, I had to take it as soon as I got it, couldn’t’t wait until the morning!) I am now on a daily morning dose, and so far after just 2 doses my energy has improved famously. Thank you!”

“In February 2008, my doctor suggested a two month trial of Poly-MVA when he learned that I was sleeping 16 hours a day after 12 years of combating chronic lymphatic leukemia with the alpha-stim unit; my immune system was severely depressed. Within two months of using Poly-MVA, I started to wake up! My sleep reduced to 10 hours a day, alertness improved and change in blood count as shown below:

Date                 WBC                                              TLC Comments
02/22/08 62.8 57.9 cell morphology abnormal; 3+ smudge cells
03/25/08 59.3 40.3 cell morphology abnormal; 1+ smudge cells
04/21/08 56.5 23.7 cell morphology abnormal; NORMAL
(differential count: NORMAL!)

Immune system stable IGA 30 (low); IGG 384 (low) IGM <10 low
I’m delighted with the overall improvement. I plan to continue with the Poly-MVA, and plan a blood count once a month to monitor progress. I’m still using alpha-stim 10-20 hours a week and AVE TM (fermented wheat germ drink) 8.5 oz/day. I am taking no other supplements or drugs. I am following a prevention diet as I have all along.”

“Sister Somayah is well-known and loved for her work on behalf of seriously ill patients; she has also been a pioneer in nutritional therapy for health (the use of essential fatty acids). Sister Somayah was recently not doing well. I started her on Poly-MVA, and I watched as she took her first drink of it. “Doc!” she said as it was going down, “Could this stuff already be working?” It appeared that she immediately had a spark of improvement. Placebo effect? Perhaps. Maybe her body was sounding a happy YES! on feeling the supplement. Whatever the case may be, it was a wonderful jump-start to healing. Somayah went home with Poly-MVA and hope. On her second day of Poly-MVA, she led a march in Los Angeles with a vitality that surprised her. It might have been expected that even if a person who was not feeling well managed the energy for a major event, there is usually a price to pay afterwards in pain, fatigue, and malaise. But Somayah just kept getting better and better. She soon could walk up the stairs easily, without needing to rest, and without huffing and puffing. Now, Somayah feels like she’s been given her life back. She no longer feels as she had before. Poly-MVA literally helped Somayah. This dramatic improvement on Somayah’s energy is one of the most profound effects of Poly-MVA. It supports efficiency of aerobic metabolism (low oxygen). In my experience, having a dramatic improvement of energy and feeling of well-being bodes well for better health and her body dealing in health.”

“After dealing with multiple recurrences of difficult health challenges in regards to my bladder, I decided to investigate on the supplements which could help nutritionally support my body. That is when I discovered all the wonderful ingredients that comprise the supplement Poly-MVA! After discussion with Gary Matson at AMARC on how Poly-MVA could be a beneficial part of my diet, I began taking Poly-MVA in March of 2004. As a result of my dietary and lifestyle choices, my health continues to improve. I will continue for the remainder of my life with this plan, including Poly-MVA. I am now 76 and plan to live to the 90s, with God’s blessing!”