Plain and simple, Poly-MVA changed my life and let me pursue my dreams. After over 33 years of active and reserve service with the United States Navy, I retired at the rank of Captain which is equivalent of a full bird colonel in the Army or Air Force and one rank below Admiral or General. For the 33 years, since age 17, the military gave me 100% of all my physical examinations.

One year after retirement, I learned that I may not fly again.  Wow, I was devastated, Dr, Michael Falvo mentioned that they were at a conference recently and sat in on a presentation about a product called Poly-MVA, which was essentially a unique complex and very specific Minerals, Vitamins and Amino Acids bonded together and very powerful. Both Drs Pepe and Falvo recommended that I try Poly-MVA. I had been dating a wonderful woman for 7 years as well, and we decided to get married. We were and still are truly in love.!!

Now, for the rest of the story: I called Gary, the Senior Consultant on Poly-MVA at AMARC Enterprises, and he told me they were looking for volunteers to serve as a test group to see if in fact Poly-MVA would work on supporting the body nutritionally. He shared that the Poly-MVA product coupled with liquid co-enzyme Q10 (CQ-10) would be absorbed into my body and support my body so to allow my own immune system. I take Liver Support, Coral Calcium and Immuni-T tablets. To this I personally added fish oil, glucosamine, folic acid in a high dose as recommended by Dr. Falvo, milk thistle and a baby aspirin daily.

I have never stopped taking my Poly-MVA and I’d keep taking and doing what you are doing.” All I was doing was exercising regularly, eating health foods consisting of lots of vegetables, chicken and fish and of course using Poly-MVA. I feel great and look great at almost 58 years of age, and believe it or not I am a Captain of a large logistic aircraft, Boeing f 757’s and 767-s for a worldwide commercial airline.

I have been able to continue to fly and feel great! I was physically and mentally able, I had tons of energy, all was normal, I spent over 1 hour on an elliptical trainer 4 days or more per week at level 15 of 20! I wrote a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Medical Department, along with letters from the doctors. These letters were forwarded to the FAA via my aeromedical doctor, all describing my Poly-MVA and  allowing me to continue my career. I’m still regularly taking Poly-MVA and as Dr. Wierda said, “keep doing what you are doing.”.

I am living my dream as an Airline Captain, have a great wife and life…….thanks in no small part to Poly-MVA!

I can’t thank the staff of AMARC, the FACR, my doctors, friends and especially my family for all the support and love. I hope to see my 100th birthday as an active and healthy individual who is living and surviving and thriving, in no small part due to this great product. Thanks again!

W.J.  5-15-20  WJ says he is still doing great.

December 2018, my husband, at the age of 79 life changed.

A feeding tube was inserted into his stomach so he could get nourishment from liquid supplements.  The doctors were amazed he was strong enough in 5 months to remove it.  However, he still has to have all food pureed.

A couple of weeks into the treatments, a very special and concerned friend, provided him with  POLY-MVA,  associated supplements, and an advisor to guide him in the use.

He has gained back some of his strength.  Initially he was told he could lose 40 – 50 pounds.  Ultimately, he lost 27 pounds and has gained back almost half of that. He returned to his part time job as an estimator for a construction company after 7 months. He continues to take the POLY-MVA on a daily basis. We truly believe that the POLY-MVA strengthened his various systems, gave him energy and that it helped him immensely.

Thank you for your continuing support and follow-up.  Julie Garoutte and Lee Garoutte

I am 66 yrs. old and had female concerns on 08/12/2008.

I used 2 teaspoons 3 times daily and I am still using Poly as a maintenance today. I started off as a Quality of Life participant and kept a record of my experience and filled out reports. Poly-MVA contribute and supported me thru my journey. I used conventional approaches along with other vitamins and minerals and AHCC for immune support. The difference Poly-MVA made is incredible, my Quality of Life was great, I had better appetite going thru all I did and my energy level was excellent. The nutritional support and less fatigue was amazing.

Vivian was and continues to be a source of support, encouragement and help in my journey. She has always been there for me when I needed advice or information I knew I could depend on her. Even “10”  years later she regularly checks in with me and keeps tabs on me. She has helped me stay on track. Your customer service is outstanding, everyone I have had contact with over the years has been responsive, friendly, courteous and informative.

When my husband was not feeling well 2 years ago I wanted to get him on Poly-MVA right away. I discussed it with Vivian and she agreed and worked with both of us to develop a regimen for him. I am happy to say that he is doing well today and that has been a blessing for both of us. I would highly recommend Poly-MVA as my husband Joe is living proof.  732-859-7044

February 2019 at 52 years old for brain support, clarity and malaise.

With all the things I have experienced I feel that Poly-MVA  Improved Quality of Life, advanced Nutritional support and improved multiple things all the way around. I still experience a great deal of fatigue and lower energy than when i change things.

The AMARC team has been great, anytime I have called, the people I’ve interacted with have been very helpful, friendly, and professional and I recommend Poly-MVA to my family and friends and will continue on it for my health and well-being.

I worked along with other proffesionals and was doing Helixor A on M-W-F, DoTerra Lifestyle Vitality Pack 4 pills of each bottle daily Melatonin, 20 mg nightly, therapy at the clinic twice weekly Poly MVA and DCA three days/wk. oral dose of Poly MVA (4 tsp 2x/day & DCA (2 caps 2x/day = 1000 mg/day) CoQ10 SAP by NFH 1 cap 2x/day (300 mg/day) Berberine SAP by NFH, 1 cap 2x/day (300 mg/day) BeneGene (Oxaloacetate) by AOR 1 cap 2x/day Can Arrest by Vitazan, 3 caps 2x/day Cyto-A by Cytomatrix, 2 drops under tongue daily Vitamin E10 by Vitazan 2 caps/day Boswelia SAP by NFH, 3/day Vitamin K2-D3 liquid by Cytomatrix 4 drops under tongue daily Ketone salts Exogenous Ketone Salts by Metagenics (1/2 scoop 2x/daily) Phosphatidylserine by DFH, 300 mg before bed Reishi and Lion’s Mane by NFH 2 caps, 2x/day (alternate bottles) Magnesium Bisglycinate liquid by CanPrev 1200 mL at bedtime Liposomal Vitamin C at 3000 mg/day, Dessicated Thyroid, 60 mg/day on empty stomach Bioidentical Progesterone 1 pump = 60 mg


I learned about Poly-MVA 3 years ago from my boss, Ed Sanchez, of Scaffold Solutions in 2017 when i was 57 years old. I still use Poly-MVA today at the age of 60.  This goes back to January 15, 2008. In January 2018  I started taking PMVA 3 years ago, I started taking PMVA 2 tsps. a day, then in February of 2018, I increased the dosage to 4 tsps.  3 times a day. I know take Poly-MVA 4 tsps. a day. I believe because of PMVA, Coq10, Coral Calcium, VitD3 and Liver Support.  Feeling and doing great  and my results are awesome. Had I been shown the picture before, I would have been so much more worried. The pictures are night and day and I continue to take Poly-MVA and the full protocol daily.   I will now support myself nutritionally because things are great. I thank God every day for meeting Eddie Sanchez, because I feel without this meeting and the Poly-MVA, my life would be entirely different today.

My Daughter, Tricia is 40 years old and hope to get her on the Poly asap as she needs support as well.

My Poly-MVA experience obviously has been awesome and the AMARC Enterprises staff are a huge, awesome support for me.. There are no words to describe what this all has meant to not only my four daughters, their significant others and my grandchildren! Thank you everyone!
Without a doubt, I would recommend Poly-MVA to everyone. It is a life changer for what it does for your body! Please feel free to reach out to me

Today, June of 2020 I just wanted to share my wonderful news with you. I am doing great and my nutritionist is so impressed. I showed everyone my pictures and my family and friends can not believe how great I look. She said she would never have known I needed help.   Praise God!! The prayers and the poly are working!! I’m SO happy! I know this is just part of a long journey and thank you for Lynn Jones, Gary Matson, the staff at AMARC and of course the Poly-MVA.

I’m still using Poly-MVA over three years and I am at least maintaining, if not improving, my well being.  I remain a physically fit 80 year old who walks about 3 miles a day, exercises, and continues to enjoy life, despite having faced a difficult time. Poly-MVA has played a large role in that, and I will continue to take it as long as I maintain my current level of health or improve it. Thank you. Bob Moore

I am 75 years old and have a story that you might find encouraging.

On Feb 2 2011 my long journey started. I have learned and better understand the importance of nutrition and I started taking Poly-MVA in January of 2019 from a local clinic in Wisconsin. I have had to start and stop several times doing various health stages. I changed my plan and I am currently taking 10 tsp daily as well as Complete Approach. 25-Hydroxy Vit D levels are at 80ng. Updated, [6-1-20] and doing better, however at my age you take 2 steps forward and one step back, which is to be expected as I change. Everyone is amazed and I will continue on my complete approach. What a difference this has made…….Thank you Poly-MVA and the staff at AMARC and the Matson Family!!


I am 91 years young and started using Poly-MVA on November 1, 2003, yes 17 years ago. I used 2 tablespoons daily and still using to this day. Used along with everything else one may use pending their age and situation. Poly-MVA increased and maintained my quality of Life,  with more energy with increased appetite, I had less fatigue and improved just about everything. Really, really amazing, how I felt stronger with lots of energy. Hope I can continue taking Poly-MVA. One time I tried to stop and energy just went south, so now I continue with Poly-MVA. I really feel it gives me an amazing complete healthy life.  Thanks to your product and I would recommend Poly-MVA to my friend or family members.

I began PolyMVA upon recommendation of a friend along with the other supplements. In 2009 I need to change and along came PolyMVA and using 12 teaspoons  per day on 9/30/09. After many years was able to titrate down to 1 teaspoon per day. In 2014 I was also using COQ10, curcumin, D3, B12, Iodine Zinc, multiple vit, resveratrol, calcium, magnesium. These complete approaches helped to increase and maintain my quality of Life and I amd doing great and have improved as well. I keep on top of things, I even went to Mexico for other support and stepped up improvement with more lifestyle changes. I continue taking Poly-MVA and supplements and feel very good in my responses. I am very active, many vacations abroad. Weight remains steady at 185, 5ft 10 inch. I highly recommend Poly-MVA.