Meet Roxy

Hi, My name is Roxy, I am a 14 ½ year old Golden Retriever/German Shepard mix, I look like a black Golden Retriever.  My mom is Sammie and she has owned me since I was 7 weeks old.  I also have a little brother, Nico, he is a 13 ½ year old human.  They love me and I love them A LOT.  Since I’m a large dog, I exceeded my life expectancy a few years ago.  But love (and a little Poly) will keep us together.

Shortly before I turned 13 my brother saw me stumble, and watched as I tried to walk down the hall to get to my mom.  My eyebrows were jumping, my eyeballs were darting back and forth, my head tilted to the side, I was hitting the walls and having a hard time standing.  Nico screamed for my mom and they put me in the back of our SUV and headed to the vet.  Mom called on the way explaining that she thought I had a stroke.  Luckily the vet is only about a 4 minute drive away and Mom made arrangements to get me into a room with Dr. Amy right away.  Dr. Amy explained it can look like a stroke, seizure or brain tumor and is common in older dogs (who knew?).  The only way to know for sure is to do an MRI – they all thought that wasn’t necessary because whatever it was, they would do palliative care.  Mom promised no bad care for me. So the love started to flow and palliative care began.  Dr. Amy took really good care of me and when I was ready sent me home. I was hopefully on the mend but it was likely going to be slow.

As luck would have it, that very weekend, mom met someone who used Poly-MVA for their humans but said it was used for animals too.  After mom did some (well a Lot) of research she got Poly for me.  Within days I felt better, my family noticed I was doing better so they decided to turn me into a canine Guinea Pig.  Some days they would give me this or that and on others the Poly.  When I took the other things, there was no difference BUT when I took Poly I felt so much better… walked better, less head tilt, slower eye reflexes.  It wasn’t right away but mom was told it could take weeks or longer  and within 10 – 14 days, my eyes were doing great and within a month I was right as rain.

That was over a year and a half ago and I am still doing great; gray faced and slower than the lightning bolt I used to be but still going up and down the wooden stairs and getting up on the couch for my naps.  My humans give me Poly almost every day, but if they forget for a day and especially if they forget for more than a day I don’t seem to be as stable or energetic.  Some days I seem to struggle a bit more (did I mention I also have arthritis in my back feet, just like my mom) so my mom will up my daily dosage for a day or two until I feel better.  It’s important to understand my daily does is about a quarter to half a teaspoon and my increased dose is between one teaspoon and a tablespoon (if I’m really struggling).  Like any supplement it is important to get proper diet, exercise and use additional supplements as necessary.  Mom heard that Poly works better with vitamin A so she gives me carrots, sweet potatoes, etc with my dinner.  Also, I gotta say, Poly has an interesting taste so mommy sometimes puts it in ground beef cups or steak bites for a treat.  However, most of the time she just mixes it in with my kibble along with table scraps (I only get those now that I’m a gray-face, not recommended for you young pups) and veggies.  Mom and I both also take CoQ10, turmeric, and fish oil.  Research and talk to your doctor and naturopath about the supplements that are best for you, and don’t forget your Poly-MVA, it is a life changer.

Here are some pictures of me enjoying my Poly-MVA dinner with carrots and peas, and ground beef cups.

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My husband Dan was used 8 teaspoons of Poly MVA per day throughout his process.  We know that Poly-MVA made a huge impact on his health.  He had good energy and appetite and was amazingly able to work every day during the process and that was 5.5 years ago.  To have the concerns with his throat and swallowing, it was really amazing to keep him in good health. He was able to keep his weight up on only dropped 5-10 pounds in the 30 days.  This allowed us to better his nutrition thru the whole ordeal with a nutrient dense and organic semi liquid diet.


Regardless of what the doctors wanted to do we know that by using the Poly-MVA along with 40 hyperbaric oxygen sessions, that this drastically improved his quality of life.  It is sad that his is not more widely known around the medical community as nutrition is so important.  We are grateful for Poly MVA and will forever use it on a maintenance basis.  Thank you to Dr. Paul Rothwell and Dr. Mary.



Jamie Reineke

Edwin Stuart 84

I have used Poly-MVA for over 12 years starting with the QOL Study at the loading dose and now on a maintenance of 2tsp every day since. I did not take any other supplements, homeopathic and/or integrative protocols.  Poly-MVA Improved my Quality of Life, energy levels, appetite, I had less fatigue and many other aspects improved drastically. Tony Taylor and Vivian have been GREAT and I recommend Poly-MVA to my family and friends.

I first found out about Poly at the end of 2019 when my doctor started using it for me instead of just alpha lipoic on its own. It really seemed to help me with energy and made me feel better in general. I had been getting it weekly for almost a year before she started using the Poly-MVA for my second add on. I noticed how much of a difference it was making that way, so when I couldn’t continue with them doctor that was 3 and a half hours from where I live, I found out from her MA that I could order the oral, so I started ordering it.

The end of January 2020 I came down with a pretty nasty FAIGUE, which I’m still not over, that is when I really found that Poly-MVA made such a huge difference.  I could barely get up everyday and as a student I had 4 classes that I could not miss and had to put in the time to study so I could pass them. The first time I took the Poly-MVA, it was like I got hit with a huge amount of energy. I honestly could not believe that it was able to do that! So when I was super exhausted or I didn’t feel like there was any way I was going to make it through the day, I would take 4 tablespoons.

It was making such a difference that I told my new doctor here where I live about it because I wanted other people to be able to have something that could help them make it through the day. Especially considering the amount of exhaustion I have been dealing with, I realized this is the product I will never go without, healthy or not, everyone needs to be taking this fantastic product!

Thank you so much for making this and I hope my story finds you well.

Johanna Crisman (503)-648-0869


Rosalyn Anderson


My husband has used POLY for his prostate support.  Also, I have met many thrivers who have used POLY and have heard their experiences at the Conference each Labor Day weekend in the Los Angeles area. I decided to use POLY myself for two main reasons: first, to enhance my immune system and second, to have POLY eradicate abnormal cells that might develop. I felt good and had peace of mind.

I used 2 teaspoons a day and stopped for a short time in August 2019. In September 2019 I was hospitalized for a week with congestive heart failure among other things. Eventually, I started conventional programs until the middle of March, 2020. Now, I am doing great. My blood labs are normal. I am starting back on the maintenance dose of POLY now, for which I am grateful. More than ever I need the immune system support. I had a little more energy. I rarely got a cold, flu, or allergy problems, so my immune system was stronger. I take some other vitamins and Juice Plus.

Poly-MVA helped with Quality of Life, my nutrition, energy levels and less fatigue. It also has great Peace of mind, knowing I had some fighting assistance.

It has been so great to talk to Gary Matson and have questions answered. He is very knowledgeable, both on the phone and in person. We have developed a wonderful relationship over the years and have visited with him at conferences. Customer service staff have always been cordial and very helpful.

In 2002 my dad was walking into work when all of a sudden his legs completely gave out on him. My mother took him to the emergency room where we found out he concerns with his spine…..The unfortunate thing was that there was nothing they could do for him and we just had to take him home and pretty much just watch him deteriorate.

Someone had referred us to a clinic that was offering Poly MVA. This was our only choice at this time. My dad was on Poly-MVA for almost a year.

The doctor ordered a follow up a scan in April of 2002. We had an appointment with Al Sanchez  Sr the day before we were going to get the results. I will never forget that day. Mr Sanchez looked at me and said “You can come back and tell me how the doctor is going to walk into the room and tell you that she has no idea how, but your dad has no signs of any issues”. Sure enough as Mr Sanchez had said she knocked on the door and walked in and said “Raul I have been an doctor for years and I have never seen this. You are good!!” She then proceeded to show us an image of his first scan and then the second scan and a clear image of his spine.

He is now 17 years healthy and a grandfather to 9 and a great grandfather to 1. We trust Poly and know this is what supported and changed my dad’s life.

Danniha Lizeth Bass


I am 58 with Oropharynx concerns and I was using 2 tsp 3/day

May 2019 come along and I was informed that the same situation from 1993, 26 years ago is on the table. Same type, same location and this time I am unable to do anything conventional. According to my new doctor my main vanes in my neck are very thin and a 2nd Opinion confirmed this as well.

August 2019 I started the Poly-MVA. In the beginning of taking Poly-MVA I did not feel anything. Within 2 weeks, I got a lot of my energy back and I was able to focus on life and daily chores. I was able to get out of bed at a decent time and I started to craft again. I was making dinner and started to feel like myself. I would eat and take my Poly-MVA 3xs a day and did not miss a dose. I do feel that this product did help and I would make sure I took it 3xs a day

My last specialized doctor visit was October 2019 and all things look good now. I don’t think I am out of the woods yet, but I believe things have slowed. I do have some stiffness in my neck and my upper back. I am still taking the Poly-MVA 2xs a day. I was told to decrease the intake after my last visit. I feel good and still have energy throughout the day.

I am not taking and other additional supplements, homeopathics and/or integrative protocols Poly-MVA have experienced

  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Better Energy
  • Increased appetite
  • Nutritional support
  • Less Fatigue

Poly-MVA has given me increased energy and nutritional support. I feel less tired.

I did not have much pain and did not see any change. The  information, consultants and customer service was very helpful.

Toni and Vivian are the best customer support. These Ladies helped my husband (Mike) understand the product and how I was to take it. They were about to answer all the questions that he and I had. They are your two assets and I want to thank them so much. Ed Sanchez was the one that set me up with this Poly-MVA, I would not have found it, if he would not have offered it.

Thank you all, I am blessed and highly recommend the Poly-MVA. My Son’s Uncle from his father’s side has health challenges and sure what exactly. I do not know if he has checked into Poly-MVA. I sent him a picture of my bottle in hopes that he will.

Don’s Journey-141 days from start to finish for – esophageal support

As we left the hospital, Debi told him that Diet Coke would never be allowed in the house again – ever. Determined to fight with Allopathic, Naturopathic, and Lifestyle protocols, Debi considered him as her “project” to get to a “solution” as quickly as possible so that the Standard of Care protocol could be tailored to only “what is necessary.”

For the millionth time in the last 16 years since starting her exploration on proactive health protocols, Debi experienced her heart racing, frustration, and anger at the current food supply, poisonous approaches to herbicides and genetically modified foods, fluoride in our water, nitrates in our processed meat, and the simplicity, and toxicity of killing enzymes in our foods by overcooking everything. Then, she was disappointed in herself that she had not spent the time necessary to teach Don about all of the approaches to:

  1. food and beverage choices;
  2. supplements;
  3. complementary solutions such as oxygenation, sauna, analog frequency generators, and meditation; and
  4. essential oils.


The car ride home was quiet, primarily because Don was coming out of his fog from being sedated and secondarily, Debi’s mind was hunting and gathering the hundreds of healing modalities that she had learned for years.

Since the first time that Debi went to We Care Spa in Palm Desert, CA, she has immersed herself in healing protocols and the important Hippocrates Oath “first, do no harm.” The health and healing protocol journey included guidance learned from Susana Belen, Owner of We Care Spa, Ann Wigmore, Hulda Clark, Brian Clement, Al Sanchez, Steve Meyerowitz, Paul and Patricia Bragg, Dr. Fred Pescatore, Dr. Marc Micozzi, Dr. Josh Axe, Richard Whelan, and many others through books, webinars, classes, and podcasts.


Don’s Protocol Strategy – by Debi

  1. Follow the first step of the Allopathic Standard of Care Protocol
    1. Alkalize, Alkalize, Alkalize Don’s body immediately and remove toxins including:
    2. No Diet Coke
    3. No meats
    4. No dairy except for minimal cheese while making some soups
    5. Minimal sugar to less than 25 mg per day (most days it was about 40-60 mg, but still low)
    6. No Alcohol
  1. Drink only the following:
  2. Kangen pH 9.0 or 9.5 water (but not during meal time; at that time, drink “Clean water”
  3. Braggs Apple Cider vinegar drinks (but watch sugar content)
  4. Kombucha (but watch sugar content)
  5. Follow Alkaline Diet (minus any sugar, including natural sugar, no fruit or only fruit with minimum sugar, e.g. strawberry). (see 80% / 20%). This is because Cancer does not grow as fast in Alkaline body vs. non-Alkaline body. Follow a no-sugar Plant-Based Diet as much as possible.
  6. Eat any plant that is still living – e.g. sprouts. Sprouts have natural enzymes that will support your immune system in your gut.
  7. Eat as much raw food as possible. Do not nuke the nutrients out of food by putting it into microwave or other heat.
  8. Oxygenate your body as much as possible with real deep breaths, walking, etc. Cancer does not like oxygen and grows in stagnant bodies.
  9. Use all the supplements, essential oils, and other complementary healing protocols that can regenerate healthy cells.

Don started taking Poly-MVA 3 teaspoons 3 times a day as soon as he could. Debi has been taking this about 1 – 2 times a day off and on for over 10 years and has found it helps with health and energy. As soon as the President of AMARC Enterprises learned of Don’s condition and the protocols being followed, he asked for a phone call with us to share the Poly-MVA story and listen to Don’s journey.

Plain and simple, Poly-MVA changed my life and let me pursue my dreams. After over 33 years of active and reserve service with the United States Navy, I retired at the rank of Captain which is equivalent of a full bird colonel in the Army or Air Force and one rank below Admiral or General. For the 33 years, since age 17, the military gave me 100% of all my physical examinations. One year after retirement, I went to my first civilian doctor, Dr, Harold Pepe who prior to my visit requested a complete blood count also known as a CBC. Upon examination of my CBC he said, “I think you may have something but I want to send you to a specialist to be sure.” You have a rare situation and this might ground you from flying. He then told me after confirming with his internist partner, Dr, Michael Falvo, that they were at a conference recently and sat in on a presentation about a product called Poly-MVA, which was essentially immune system vitamins bonded to the unique mineral palladium. Both Drs Pepe and Falvo recommended that I try Poly-MVA. I had been dating a wonderful woman for 7 years as well, and we decided to get married. We were and still are truly in love.!!

Now, for the rest of the story: I called Gary, the Senior Consultant on Poly-MVA at AMARC Enterprises, and he told me they were looking for volunteers to serve as a test group to see if in fact Poly-MVA would work on supporting the body nutritionally. He shared that the Poly-MVA product coupled with liquid co-enzyme Q10 (CQ-10) would be absorbed into my body and support my body so to allow my own immune system. I take Liver Support, Coral Calcium and Immuni-T tablets. To this I personally added fish oil, glucosamine, folic acid in a high dose as recommended by Dr. Falvo, milk thistle and a baby aspirin daily.

I never stopped taking my Poly-MVA therapy and in Dr. Wierda’s terms, “we don’t know why you have not gotten worse, but I’d keep taking and doing what you are doing.” All I was doing was exercising regularly, eating health foods consisting of lots of vegetables, chicken and fish and of course using Poly-MVA. I feel great and look great at almost 58 years of age, and believe it or not I am a Captain of a large logistic aircraft, Boeing f 757’s and 767-s for a worldwide commercial airline. I report to my  aeromedial doctor who initially told me my airline career was over  and I would not be able to be issued an airman’s medical certificate…but I felt fine!I was physically and mentally able, I had tons of energy, all was normal, I had little to no bone pain and I spent over 1 hour on an elliptical trainer 4 days or more per week at level 15 of 20! I wrote a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Medical Department, along with letters from the doctors. These letters were forwarded to the FAA via my aeromedical doctor, all describing my Poly-MVA and low and behold, a miracle happened and I was granted a waiver allowing me to continue my career. I’m still regularly taking Poly-MVA and as Dr. Wierda said, “keep doing what you are doing.”.

I am living my dream as an Airline Captain, have a great wife and life…….thanks in no small part to Poly-MVA!

I can’t thank the staff of AMARC, the FACR, my doctors, friends and especially my family for all the support and love. I hope to see my 100th birthday as an active and healthy individual who is living and surviving and thriving, in no small part due to this great product. Thanks again!

W.J.  5-15-20  WJ says he is still doing great.

21 months ago in December 2018, my husband was hit with hard with his tongue and lymph nodes in his throat unable to swallow at the age of 79.

He required 7 weeks of daily radiation and weekly chemotherapy. The treatments were “brutal” and the side effects were devastating.  Knowing he would not be able to swallow as a result of the treatments, a feeding tube was inserted into his stomach so he could get nourishment from liquid supplements.  The doctors were amazed he was strong enough in 5 months to remove it.  However, he still has to have all food pureed as his throat muscles are still damaged, but healing.

A couple of weeks into the treatments, a very special and concerned friend, provided him with  POLY-MVA,  associated supplements, and an advisor to guide him in the use.

He has gained back some of his strength.  Initially he was told he could lose 40 – 50 pounds.  Ultimately, he lost 27 pounds and has gained back almost half of that. He returned to his part time job as an estimator for a construction company after 7 months. He continues to take the POLY-MVA on a daily basis.

We truly believe that the POLY-MVA strengthened his immune system to helped him immensely.

Thank you for your continuing support and follow-up.  Julie Garoutte and Lee Garoutte